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Budget Committee FY 2021-22 Tentative Budget Preparation Calendar


Thursday, April 23 – Organization Meeting

July 2 – Unaudited 5-year (FY 15-16 through FY 19-20) Budget Vs. Actual available for Budget Committee Review (Audited version of FY 19-20 available in September normally)

Tuesday, September 22 – Submission of any questions on current and past budgets to Chair to collate and pass forward to Business Administrator and Superintendent (no meeting)

Thursday, Oct 15 – Meeting to review Budget Committee Questions, Administration Responses with Business Manager  

Wednesday, October 21 – All Budget Committee Follow-Up Questions Due to Chair for submission to Administration

Thursday, October 22 – Meeting for additional Questions & Responses Review if required. 

Wednesday, Nov 4 – Joint meeting 6 PM with School Board for Budget Presentation, hosted by School Board.  Leadership Team present

Friday Nov  13- Budget Questions 5 PM on Superintendent’s Requested Budget Due to Chair, collation and submission to Superintendent and Business Administrator on a portion of the budget, to be determined for logical division (no meeting)

Thursday November 19 - Joint meeting with School Board, hosted by Budget Committee, with responses to all questions submitted

Tuesday, November 24- All Follow-Up Questions on Superintendent’s Recommended Budget Due to Chair

Wednesday, Dec 2- meeting of School Board, with Vote on Budget Recommendation for Budget Committee, Set Default Budget

Thursday, December 10- Meeting with Superintendent, Relevant Administrators, Answers to all questions Reviewed and Discussed, Initial Budget Proposal

Thursday, December 17 – Joint Meeting with School Board to Review Budget Recommendations, & Finalize Budget Proposal for Public Hearing .

Jan 7- Meeting  Budget Committee will finalize Public Hearing presentation and supporting documents
Jan 14- Public Hearing



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